Why visit Cenote Cocalitos?

Cocalitos is a spa that has become the sanctuary of stromatolites (rock formations) from more than 3500 years ago and can only be found in less than 15 places and Bacalar is one of them.

In the magical village of Bacalar we find the Laguna de los Siete Colores, one of the many wonders to visit, also the Cenote Cocalitos and a spa where you can enjoy with your family the best holidays.

If you love nature, in Cocalitos you can practice snorkeling and appreciate stromatolites in more detail, although at first glance they look like rocks, these rock formations are very fragile.

At Cenote Cocalitos you can enjoy a breathtaking view, an intense blue that captivates and an imposing Caribbean sea before sunsets, in short, the perfect place.

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