A Pink Sea: Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas is a fishing village located in the east of the Yucatan Peninsula about three hours from Cancun, where you will find one of the most important salt flats in all of Mexico.

The village of Las Coloradas has about a thousand inhabitants dedicated to fishing and salt industry, here you will be able to find beautiful pink lagoons, due to its microorganisms and saline properties.

Walking the paths to Las Coloradas becomes rewarding when you see the white mountains of salt and its pink waters that mix with the blue of the Caribbean Sea, without a doubt, a great experience.

What can you see?

In addition to a beautiful intense rose, you can appreciate the visit of pink flamingos to the beaches, it is one of the most captivating natural spectacles.

You can take a walk along the beaches, an earthly paradise with warm and unspoiled waters. If you take a tour with the locals you can take the opportunity to exfoliate your skin in the mud deposits.

This beautiful little village has also become home to sea turtles, so if you visit Las Coloradas enjoy the natural beauty that abounds in this place.

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