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Know Mexico, Known for its beautiful beaches and mountains, surrounded by rocky landscapes, deserts, and jungles. Not forgetting the ancient ruins in Teotihuacán and the Mayan city of Chichen Itza. Its picturesque culture and traditions ranging from prehistoric to modern, with a contrast between the contemporary and the current; that’s our Mexico.

Day of the Dead

On November 1 and 2, Mexico celebrates one of its most important traditions such as the Day of the Dead, it is a celebration of the deceased, in which Mexicans gather in their homes and design a kind of altar with the photos of their deceased relatives.

The offering accommodates from flowers of cempazuchitl (flower of the dead), colorful paper, incense, food, and objects that were of importance to the deceased and thus remember old moments with their loved ones. During this homage, skulls made of sugar are also placed with the names of living relatives. Come and know Mexico 


Kings Day

In Mexico as in most of the rest of the world, they also celebrate January 6, Day of Kings, one of the days most anticipated by the little ones of the house. Each family, sharing a thread of sweet bread with caramelized fruits, a delicacy expected in the family snack, it is said that the nuns used to celebrate Christmas night with songs and fritters.

 Soon came the Epiphany with the arrival of the Three Wise Men and their sugary threads scented with orange blossom water. French custom from 1311, which passed to Spain and then to Mexico and Latin America, the bean was replaced by a doll in reference to the child God who was originally golden silver, very small and crowned.

 After they dressed it to bless the Day of the Candelaria, these silver dolls were replaced by the porcelain dolls they said came from Japan and are currently made of plastic, whoever finds it must by tradition buy the tamales on The Day of the Candelaria.

This is one of the most traditionalist customs that characterize Mexico and its people. If you visit our country, do not hesitate sharing part of these festivities, you will always be cordially invited.

Candelaria Day

The Day of Our Lady of Candelaria is celebrated on February 2nd, exactly 40 days after Christmas. This is because, on that day, Our Lady was purified after the birth of the child God and brought candles to the Church so that they would be blessed, this being the original celebration, which came to Mexico during the time of the Viceroyalty, the day of the Candelaria coincided with the planting season that began on February 2 and was celebrated with exquisite tamales as the main dish, it is customary to prepare the most typical dishes of Mexico, atole and tamales. For Mexicans, the family unit is very important, so they enjoy every tradition to express their infinite love and warmth of brotherhood.

Independence Day

The independence of Mexico, is filled with color every September 15 of each year, Mexicans proudly come together in all the squares of the Mexican Republic to the rhythm of the Mariachi. If you visit the country on one of these dates you cannot fail to try the typical dishes that will be waiting for you.

In addition to accompanying the military parade used by the presidential palace.

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