Traditional Mexican Beverages

Mexico, in addition to its culture, tradition, folklore, Mariachi, and gastronomy is also distinguished by its high variety of drinks. The most popular around the world is Tequila, extracted from Agave, a plant native to the state of Jalisco.


It is one of the most attractive drinks, and exported worldwide, its origin is in the city of Jalisco, where the largest amount of Agave is produced, plant from where they extract tequila.

Tequila is the main base of cocktails, especially La Margarita, another of Mexico’s most popular drinks.

Thanks to the diversity of fruits, flowers, leaves, roots and bark, Mexico has quantities of drinks ranging from refreshing or thick, sweet or spicy, with alcohol or without alcohol, all in one place to taste your palate.

traditional mexican beverages

The Pulque

If you have visited Mexico, you will have noticed one that another place called Pulquerías, there you can taste these refreshing Pulque beers, a craft drink in which its main ingredient is honey water from the pulquero maguey, a plant similar to the aloe.

Its cost is highly valued, due to its slow fermentation process and some cultural secrets of Mexico, other roots are also added to flavor the drink.

traditional mexican beverages


La Horchata is one of the famous fresh waters of Mexico. This refreshing drink is made with rice, milk powder, sugar, or condensed milk and flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, almond, or coconut. It is served with lots of ice, perfect for one of those hot days on Mexican beaches.


Perfect for a hangover, a cold beer combined with lemon, salt and other sauces characterize the most popular drink for Mexicans, La Michelada and although in the rest of America it is also prepared, nothing like trying it sitting on the beaches of Cancun, Tulum or just walking around the Mexican capital.

traditional mexican beverages
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