Lagoon of the seven colors in Bacalar

Without a doubt, the Bacalar Lagoon is one of the wonders of the Mayan Riviera, its seven different shades of blue make Bacalar a magical, authentic, and special place; one of the best options to visit on your trip to Mexico.

The Lagoon of the Seven Colors, as it is known, is made up of three large cenotes that overflowed its waters and turned an astonishing lagoon, its variety of colors is due to the different depths.

In Bacalar, you can also appreciate the Mayan ruins, temples, squares, architectures, and many priceless places that in its past served as a port for Central American commerce and which today is a place for tourism.


Bacalar Lagoon is one of the wonders of the Mayan Riviera


And if you dare to adventure you can also swim, snorkel, ride a boat or even a jet ski would be perfect to tour the lagoon and discover the daring nature that protects this majestic place.

Bacalar is also one of the gates to the great blue cenote, and to other hidden areas in the middle of the jungle; about 52,000 hectares that house archaeological relics, mangroves, reefs, and cenotes protected for the conservation of the ecosystem.


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