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Mexican gastronomy reaches the world to break borders, with a diversity of flavors and colors. Come and try it!


Dare to travel the world! Start in Cancun and then get to know Chichen Itza, Tulum and Isla Mujeres, a perfect vacation plan for you and your family.


In Cancun you can get to know the marine world and practice water activities.



Mexico is more than Cancun and the Caribbean, in Mexico we can also find cosmopolitan cities, villages and magical towns and a human history in every corner, with an exuberant natural wealth that you can appreciate in much of the country.

It is like finding many countries in one, and each one of them is totally different, its history, language, culture, traditions and even its natural environment are roots of each region in Mexico.

On any date you visit our Mexico you will find a different celebration, it is a territory full of festivities and cultural events that represent a history in Mexico are celebrated and commemorated throughout the year.

Among its celebrations we find the Day of the Dead, Candelaria Day, Independence in Mexico, the Carnivals of Veracruz and Mazatlán, Guelaguetza, the National Donkey Fair, the Sayones Festival and the Harvest Festival on the wine route and many more. .

The best places of Mexico

“Here you will find from a magical town
to the most iconic jungle in the world”

Isla de la Pasión

Mexico has a large number of beautiful beaches, among which are the most beautiful in the world, each one intersects with the waters of the Caribbean Sea and its beauty impregnates a feeling of tranquility. There are crowded beaches like those in Cancun in the hotel zone, others a little quieter like those in Cabo San Lucas, perfect for spending the day, strolling on the sand and appreciating the nature that Mexico gives you.

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    The best places of Mexico

    “Here you will find from a magical town to the most iconic jungle in the world”

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    Mexico and its gastronomy
    that breaks borders...

    Mexico is characterized by its wide gastronomy and typical drinks, it has a diversity of dishes that are prepared with a technique inherited from generation to generation, this is how a large part of Mexican dishes became Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

    The basis of the diet is corn, basically prepared in the form of a tortilla and combined with all the local ingredients. The Tamal, a well-known dish worldwide, is also prepared with corn and its wrapping in a banana leaf gives it that Mexican touch that is sought after in each meal.

    Tequila, Mezcal and Pulque are the most acclaimed drinks by Mexicans and foreign tourists, as well as their spicy, but delicious food, these three drinks are also a bit strong for the palate, but that you should definitely try when you visit us.


    Gracias a las civilizaciones indígenas, la cultura en México fue marcada de manera representativa tanto en sus tradiciones hasta en su lengua sin embargo luego de tantos años de lucha, hoy, tribus como Los Olmecas, Azteca, Zapotec, Los Mayas y muchas más nos heredan reliquias dignas de admirar como las Ruinas Mayas en Tulum, El Castillo, La Pirámide de Kukulcán en Chichén Itzá, Monte Albán en Oaxaca, Teotihuacán en el Estado de México, El Tajín en Veracruz y muchísimas historias más que esperan para ser contadas.

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