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Mexican Gastronomy. Mexico is famous for its food, a cuisine that breaks borders to influence European cuisine by taking its culture and history to unexpected places.

Its colorful dishes add a touch of authenticity to Mexican cuisine, this being the most acclaimed by foreigners and nationals.

The diversity of its mexican gastronomy begins from pre-Hispanic culture and varies from city to city, showing the world the culinary power of Mexico.

And it is not for nothing that Mexican food was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, thus taking up the importance it had lost for many years.


A corn-based tortilla stuffed with chopped vegetables, lots of sauces, and it’s ready! the Taco is one of the best known typical dishes in the Aztec country. Its preparation varies depending on the region that you visit,  but it will still be an exquisite dish wherever you try it.

Mexican gastronomy


The Enchiladas are also corn based, their filling is usually meat, chicken or pork, for the sauces chilies, beans, some type of mole are usually used and are accompanied with cheese and cream. Unlike Tacos, this dish is eaten with a knife and fork. In addition to Mexico, anywhere in the world that there is a Mexican restaurant, you can delight in this succulent dish.

Mexican gastronomy

Tamal the best expression of Mexican Gastronomy

As in Mexico, the Tamale is prepared in other Latin American countries and consists of a corn or rice dough stuffed with meats, chicken, and many vegetables, chili, fruits, and sauces, it’s wrapped in corn leaves and it’s ready. The Tamale is the favorite dish of the Christmas festivities.

Mexican gastronomy

“He who is born for tamal, 

from heaven falls the leaves”


The Pozole, is a soup based on cacahuazintle corn (large grain corn), with meats and seasonings to taste, it also has lettuce, onion, and oregano, the chili cannot miss, you can add it in sauces or powder. This rich bowl of soup can be accompanied with chopped avocado, pork rinds, and cheese.

Chile en Nogada

It is one of the dishes par excellence of Mexico since its presentation represents the colors of the flag. The protagonist is the poblano chili stuffed with beef and pork mince, fruits and bathed in Castilla walnut cream and pomegranate. It’s one of the spiciest but most delicious dishes.

Mole one of the most famous dishes of Mexican Gastronomy

It could not be missed, and it is that despite not being a dish but a side dish, Mole is one of the most used sauces in Mexican cuisine, it contains different types of chili, aromatic species and seeds that are ground into metates or molcajetes. Order your dish and accompany it with a delicious Mole.

Cochinita pibil

From the Yucatan Peninsula, this delicious and attractive dish consists of wrapping marinated pork and achiote on a banana leaf, it is slow cooked in an earth oven and its sauce based on purple onion, orange juice, and habanero gives it that Mexican touch you are looking for.

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