Magical places to visit in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most touristic countries in Latin America and worldwide it has the sixth place, its paradisiacal beaches are its main attraction, not forgetting its beautiful museums, national parks, and architecture. 

It also has an invaluable diversity of mountains, deserts, and jungles, as well as very important civilizations that marked the history of Mexico.

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We show you seven places to visit in Mexico

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1.-Chakanbakan Lagoon, Quintana Roo

Chakanbakan Lagoon is located in the south of the state of Quintana Roo, right in the heart of the jungle and is used by the inhabitants as an ecotourist place to do various activities such as camping, bird observatory, spider monkey and other exotic animals.

It is one of the most beautiful lagoons in all of Mexico, and thanks to its location in the jungle, it remains free of light pollution, offering its visitors a stellar spectacle as if it were a planetarium.

2.-The city of Xilitla, in San Luis Potosi

Xilitla is a city located in the center of Mexico, in it there is one of the most iconic gardens in the country, Las Pozas created by the Englishman Edwar James, who was in charge of establishing a set of surreal sculptures that mix with the vegetation and make the place a unique space.

His main sculptures are known as; The staircase to the sky, The three-story structure, The bedroom with a whale-shaped ceiling, the Don Eduardo house, the House of Peristilos, and The structure called “The Cinema”.

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Luis Potosí
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3.-Guadalupe Valley in Baja California

The Wine Route, as is known the Valle de Guadalupe, located 30 kilometers from the city of Ensenada in Baja California, and comprises about 63 thousand hectares of rocky and mountainous areas along with the San Antonio Valley, the Valles de Ojos Negros, Santo Tomás, San Vicente, La Grulla, Tanamá and Las Palmas.

Every year, more than a million tourists visit Ensenada to appreciate the fields of the Guadalupe Valley, and only at the Harvest Festival, it welcomes more than 30 thousand people. In addition, it is among the most visited places in Mexico.

Come and get to know It!

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4.-Copper Canyons, Chihuahua

Its coppery color is majestic in the eyes of those who visit these ravines, surrounded by kilometers of giant rocks, waterfalls and rivers that will leave you perplexed by its beauty.

There are about seven ravines, located in the Sierra de Tarahumara, which follow the largest canyon system in America. If you take the Chihuaha train route to the Pacific, you’ll get into these natural wonders.

The Copper Canyons have been home to the Tarahumara communities for centuries and their walls are home to countless stories.

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Isla Marietas
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5.-The Marietas Islands

The Marietas Islands are a group of disabled islands west of Puerto Vallarta. Its tour accompanied by dolphins collects undiscovered landscapes, and its crystal clear waters allow you to observe the reefs and their variety of fish.

One of the attractions of the Islands is Playa del Amor or (hidden beach) it is a small beach in the middle of the island, from the air an impressive view, and by water, you will have to swim about 20 meters to enter. The stay is short but it will be worth it, as it is one of the most coveted beaches by those who visit Mexico.

You will also find Playa La Nopalera, Playa Los Escalones de Piedra, Playa Pavonas. Marietas Island has spectacular stone structures worth photographing such as the Cave of the Dead, the Bufadora and a Stone Arch.

6.-The Cozumel Sky

In Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park, you’ll find “El Cielo” (The Sky), one of the most crystal clear beaches in the region with a white sand background that will let you see the starfish and other aquatic animals.

Its turquoise color and white sand make you feel like in the real “Sky“, accompanied by colorful fish, sea turtles, manta rays and countless aquatic animals.

To get to this park you need to take a boat or ferry, there are thousands of tourists who come to these Mexican islands to practice activities such as snorkeling.

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Tortugas de Cozumel Mexico
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7.-The Sumidero canyon

The Sumidero Canyon is located in the state of Chiapas and builds walls more than 1300 meters high from the bottom of the Grijalva River that goes through Tabasco and Chiapas.

This canyon originated approximately 12 million years ago in the Sierra Norte of Chiapas, and thanks to its ecological richness was declared the Sumidero Canyon National Park.

The park has five viewpoints, La Ceiba, La Coyota, El Roblar, El Tepehuaje, and Los Chiapas, from here you can observe the horizons of the Canyon and appreciate its rich nature. You can also go boating and enjoy the hidden treasures and jungle animals.

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