Holbox Island

Holbox is a small island in the Caribbean Sea, located north of Quintana Roo with an extension of 40 kilometers, ideal for lovers of the sea and nature, it is one of the quietest beaches where walking on the sand is the favorite pastime of those who visit it.

Its sandy streets and picturesque huts reflect an air of peacemaking Holbox one of the main options for vacationing, to tour the island you can do it by walking, cycling, or golf cart.

It is a natural area protected by its lush fauna and flora, here you can find a lot of marine species; turtles, fish, dolphins, and whale sharks. Between April and October, some 400 thousand red flamingos visit the island to show us a real show.

If we talk about gastronomy, Holbox has the most iconic, its main economic activity is lobster fishing, its start ingredient in most dishes. Lobster pizza is one of the most coveted dishes by tourists.

Places to visit in Holbox

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