Meet the romantic Passion Island

Passion Island is a Caribbean corner that you will find north of Cozumel, a splendid place with crystal clear waters and fine sand, surrounded by mangroves and exotic animals.Divided by laguna Ciega, Passion Island is one of the most acclaimed destinations by tourists arriving by ferry, your stay becomes an unforgettable experience with an indescribable sea view and charming sunsets.

Here you can also practice different water activities, it is one of the quietest beaches and thanks to its crystal clear waters you can appreciate great diversity of marine species. You can also take a boat or Kayak tour of the Laguna Ciega.

If you love adventure, another of the activities you will enjoy to the fullest are Jeep tours, a tour of the jungle that surrounds the island to the Laguna Ciega where you can take a boat to Passion Island.

Inside the beach you can take advantage of souvenir shops, spas, private cabins and restaurants. It also has a chapel in case you are appointed to get married on this beautiful island, the most romantic place in Quintana Roo.

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