What to do in Chetumal?

Chetumal is one of the most touristic cities representing the state of Quintana Roo, with an impressive natural and cultural richness and a history that will take you to the most beautiful in all of Mexico, a gigantic oasis.

In Chetumal you will find more than one reason not to leave this place, its beautiful landscapes, its natural immensity and the best ataradeceres in the Bay of Chetumal.

Chetumal Bay is one of the most visited sites, its imposing jungle and calm waters are the perfect pastime for those adventurers who come to this magical place, protected by the state due to its great natural wealth, home to hundreds of wild animals.

What to do in Chetumal?

Chetumal is the ideal place for those looking for adventure and peace in the same space. In addition to being able to practice water activities and explore the ecological parks, you can also enjoy the culture that takes root in this capital.

Along Boulevard Bahia you can appreciate different monuments, each with a story to tell, starring structures of world-renowned plastic artists.

Among the monuments you can visit are: “Monument to the Fisherman”, “Monument to the Renaissance” and “Monument to the Flag”.

Chetumal, also has a wide gastronomy that you can not fail to taste in the different restaurants or if you are more practical you can enjoy the delicious dishes that you will find in the corners of the city.

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