Visit Cenote Fastasma at Chemax

Cenote Fastasma is one of the most captivating places you can find on the Valladolid-Chemax route, a village with a mysterious history and an eye of crystal clear waters surrounded by rocks and wonderful landscapes.

At about 10 meters deep, Cenote Fastasma becomes one of the most attractive for its turquoise waters and stalactites that surround the place, perfect for those adventurers looking for adrenaline.

Cenote Fastasma was named after his legend, the village was left without inhabitants and the new residents were still listening to their voices, a slightly chilling story but knowing it and delving will be worth it.

In Chemax, in addition to touring the picturesque streets of its village, you can also learn more about its culture, visit restaurants and a small Tequila Museum. Everything you are looking for to spend a pleasant and different time in this famous Yucatan whereabouts.

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