Travel guide: Cancun 2023

Travel guide, Cancun 2023. Cancun is one of those cities that never loses its appeal. Now, the real question is: what can we expect from Cancun in 2023?

Will we continue to enjoy its exuberant beaches, its enchanted nights, its typical gastronomy, its incredible archaeological sites; of the hospitality of its people?

It is not for nothing that Cancun is considered one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the market.

During much of the year, hundreds of people visit its fine sand beaches, its incredible archaeological sites, and taste its exquisite cuisine.

Therefore, this next 2023 will not be the exception for the wonderful city of Cancun, where Mayan magic enchants restaurants, avenues, parks, shopping centers and impossibly blue waters.

Cancun has more than earned its success. Since the boom of the 1980s, the city on the Yucatan Peninsula has attracted endless streams of tourists.

Its fame goes beyond the ‹‹Spring break››, because what is left over in Cancun is spectacle, culture, architecture, art and fun.

So, stay and discover how Cancun will continue to enchant this 2023.

4 places in Cancun for this 2023, without having to spend so much

1.The nights in Cancun

If you are in the Riviera Maya, you have to make the most of the wonders that the Cancun nights offer.

And one of the mandatory places for everyone who goes to the city is Coco Bongo, perhaps the price does not enter into the idea of ​​<<not spending so much>>>. But every minute will be worth it.

Once you have your ticket in hand, you can satisfy your party spirit with a wide variety of drinks at the bar located in front of the disco, musical shows and music of the moment.

And who knows! Maybe you meet some celebrity!

A piece of advice: if you book in advance and go at the beginning of the week, the price is considerably reduced.

guia de viaje - cancún en 2023

2. Almost virgin sands

Are you one of those who appreciate a good moment of calm without so many people around? Because then Isla Blanca is for you.

For this 2023, go to Cancun and let the almost virgin sands of Isla Blanca slip through your fingers.

It is only 30km from Cancun, and if you want the full experience, you can get to it like any other local: by public transportation. When you arrive, it will be worth the match-box-like experience

Being an island with little diffusion, you will not have the hustle and bustle of other better-known beaches, so you will have a whole vastness of white sand for you, for your enjoyment.

3. See Sea stars!

What would you love to see beautiful coral reefs this 2023? Then travel to Cancun and see marine stars!

In Cozumel you can find a reef with an extension of twenty-two kilometers. The easiest way to get there is to take the ferry in Isla del Carmen.

Once there, you have the obligation to reach ‹‹cielito››, where you will have the opportunity to observe dozens of marine stars up close. Of course, just observe, don’t intervene in the marine ecosystem.

And if you go with time to spare, you can snorkel, and thus understand why everyone is fascinated by the magic of the Riviera Maya.

guía- de viaje cancún en 2023

4. A jungle paradise near the sea

Do yourself a favor; if you decide to visit Cancun this 2023, go to Tulum. That town surrounded by Mayan jungle in the vicinity of Cancun.

The Tulum National Park is considered a World Heritage Site.

In it you will find an impressive variety of plants and animals, as well as beautiful hostels, unmissable gastronomy and invaluable archaeological monuments.

An example of this is the Tulum Ruins; it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya, which is saying a lot.

Here you will experience the magic with which the original peoples lived, on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea.

On the other hand, being the protector of the largest freshwater reserve in the region, you will have the opportunity to discover the unlikely cenotes, where the Mayans performed their ceremonies and based their legend

What else does Cancun have to offer this 2023?

It is difficult to cover everything that Cancun has to offer for this 2023, but be sure that we will guide you to the best places in the city.

1.Exploring Cancun

If you like to explore while your body is moving and absorbing the environment, then you should go to Xel-Ha Park, where you can snorkel and swim with the dolphins.

Or if you want something more novel, then you must try the ‹‹Sea Trek››; a way to explore the sea floor with helmets that have tubes to breathe. You don’t have to have experience swimming.

You can also go to Xcaret Park, located in Playa del Carmen. You will have the opportunity to explore caves, marine tunnels, through underground rivers and freshwater channels.

More than fifty attractions will keep you busy for much of the day in the most visited park in Cancun.

guia de viaje cancún en 2023 -parque xcaret

2. In harmony with the environment

Cancun lives for and for tourism, it is its most precious source of income, which is why it is essential to take care of it and keep it as beautiful as ever.

There are many who will continue to protect the natural beauty of Cancun this 2023.

Among the attractions that coexist harmoniously with the surrounding ecosystem, we have the Musa underwater art museum.

An artificial reef where you will find more than three hundred marine cement statues. The most notable are: The dream collector, a Beatle and Man on fire.

Another place that you should definitely visit is the Sian Ka’an Ecological Reserve, located between Tulum and Felipe Carrillo.

If you are someone who loves nature at its best, this is your place. Here you will enjoy dunes, cenotes, coral reefs, beaches and an impressive tropical jungle.


Perhaps you are not reading this anymore, because you rushed to plan your trip to Cancun for this 2023, but if you are still here:

Don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent!

That you are going to enjoy does not mean that you leave responsibility behind.

So: what are you waiting for to know the wonders that Cancun has to offer?! 2023 is almost there. Hurry up.

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