The 5 most incredible parks in Cancun

The 5 most incredible parks in Cancun. Cancun is, undoubtedly, one of the places that most attracts tourists in Mexico. A jewel in Caribbean waters. Beyond beaches and beautiful hotels. The parks in Cancun, especially the amusement parks, are an unforgettable experience.

From exploring the culture of the region, tasting its exquisite cuisine, to discovering and appreciating its natural magic. The parks in Cancun have a lot to offer.

Whether you go with family, friends, or have decided to escape on a solo adventure; the parks in Cancun should be a must-see on your way through the Mexican Caribbean.

Here we show you the top 5 of the most incredible amusement parks that you can find in Cancun.

Top 5: Amusement parks in Cancun to visit

There are a variety of options to discover in Cancun, because over the years more people have opted for the entertainment and enjoyment business, both locals and foreigners.

As already mentioned,: Cancun has a lot to offer, which is why it is in high demand during a large part of the year. And its parks are one of those great attractions that you cannot miss when visiting the city.

1. A complete park: Xcaret Park one of the best parks in Cancun

Located in Playa del Carmen, Xcaret Park is one of the most emblematic of Cancun. Many times it has been called the ‹‹best theme park in the world››.

In this park in Cancun you will not only find fun, because Xcaret is quite a cultural experience.

You will have at hand its aquatic attractions —because water cannot be lacking in Cancun, of course—, such as navigating underground rivers, exploring Mayan caves, as well as observing the beautiful coral reef aquarium.

You will also be able to discover its eco-archaeological route, where you will enjoy the Mayan ruins, the Guadalupe chapel and the Museum of Popular Art of Mexico.

And if you are one of those who wants to live a vacation discovering new ecosystems, then you should go to the area of the park where you will find flocks of flamingos, you can also see manatees, jaguars, among other exotic animals.

In this Cancun park there is also an orchid museum, an aviary and a butterfly garden. In the same way, you will have the opportunity to see the dance shows that take you much deeper into the Mayan culture.

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2. A necessary extension: Xplor one of the parks in Cancun for adventurers.

Xplor is part of the Xcaret park, so it is also located in Playa del Carmen, one of the most visited in Cancun. Maybe it’s because of its amusement park, right? You should go and tell us about your experience!

Following the reputation of the park that houses it, Xplor is considered one of the most visited zip line parks in the world, because who doesn’t want to go to one of the parks in Cancun where they can experience the jungle from the air?

With two zip line circuits, the highest in the Maya River, you can explore the jungle from the best seat. And you will not only have a panoramic view of the jungle, but also an impressive underground tour.

Here you will discover the magic of the Mayan caves, full of stalactites and stalagmites. And you have to choose and create your own experience: do it on foot, rowing or swimming. What would be your favorite option?

And for those who want the complete package of Mayan magic: you can stay and be illuminated by the torches of Xplor Fuego, a show that charges the jungle night with the splendor of the first towns.

3. Tradition, colors and music: Xoximilco Park, one of the parks in Cancun where we see the magic of Mexico

You cannot go to Cancun without taking a tour of the Xoximilco park. It has to be one of the most significant and colorful in the Riviera Maya.

That it is a World Heritage Site is no coincidence. Xoximilco has more than earned the title.

Do you want to live a true Mexican carnival? You have to get to the Xoximilco park in Cancun. Where you can enjoy the cuisine of the region, as well as its music, its folklore, its colors and the warmth of its people.

You will travel in picturesque trajineras, over calm and dark waters. Because the tour is at night. And if what you want is to live the experience as a family, you can do it, because children are more than welcome.

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4 . Another amazing extension of Xcaret: Xenses Park, one of the parks in Cancun on another level

Xcaret is calling you! This is one of the parks in Cancun that is on another level!

On this occasion we will tell you about Xenses, a park that is also part of the Xcaret Group. What this park offers is innovative as well as fun, so you can’t miss it.

In Xenses you will connect with your senses, you will enjoy synesthetic stimuli, and you will even question what the line between reality is and what is not.

This park in Cancun has two routes: The Route of Doing and the Route of Feeling. You will go from zip lines, going through slides, exploring caverns, experiencing 3D cinema, and much more.

Some of the most striking attractions in the park are: the recreation of a Mexican city, a mirror maze, a zip line that recreates the flight of a bird, a path of dwarfs and giants, a pool in which you float without getting wet… An experience for the senses.

parque xenses los mejores parques en cancún

5. An experience of sun and night: Emotions Native Park not one of the parks in Cancun where nature is paramount

This is one of the parks in Cancun where the most important thing is that whoever visits it lives a magical Mayan experience. After all, their goal is ecotourism.

Take care of the flora and fauna of the region, while offering fun, spectacle and amazement in each of the five parks that make up Native Park.

The first is Jungla Maya; It has the longest underground river in the world, in which you will rappel, or where you can dive and discover the caves.

You will also find zip lines that will take you through the trees, or you can be part of a true Mayan ceremony, surrounded by the magic of nature.

Then you have the Emotions; one of the best parks to drive in Cancun, where you will have the opportunity to tour the jungle in an SUV.

But if what you like is to be much more in tune with the environment, then you should go along the trails on foot, climb the zip line and observe the vegetation from the air, or cool off in the calm waters of a cenote.

Following this idea, is the Cenote Maya park. For those who love adventure, rappel down to the impressive waters of the cenotes. And you can close by following the Trepachanga path.

On the other hand, there is the diving experience offered by the parks in Cancun. The Puerto Morelos National Park is ideal for this activity, where you will find a marine paradise, flooded with colors and life.

And finally, there is Jungle Night Emotions. There you can find bonfires, food and ancient Mayan rituals, such as Temazcal sessions. Nights in this Cancun park can also be a fascinating adventure.

Going through the caves under the guidance of the torches and furrowing the jungle under the watchful eye of the stars. It will be a night to remember and never forget.

And so, we come to the end of this wonderful tour of the top 5 of the most incredible parks in Cancun.
What are you waiting for to live your own magical trip in the Riviera Maya?!

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