The ten best restaurants in Cancun

Although we already know Cancun as one of the most fascinating cities in Mexico and the Caribbean for its diversity of beaches, hotel options, weather, and nightlife, one of its lesser-known attractions is its wide gastronomic selection.

Cancun has the best traditional Mexican food, but also international food by the best chefs that Latin America has to offer.

Additionally, as an old fishing port, which today is known as one of the most luxurious tourist destinations in Latin America, Cancun offers an extensive variety of seafood that will surprise you.

The best restaurants in Cancun are located on Bulevar Kukulcán. Here are our top ten:

Rosa Negra

Located in the Nichupté Lagoon, it is one of the most sought-after dining options in Cancun. It has several international options: the Tasmanian trout tiradito and the Ora King Salmon carpaccio are its most famous dishes. It also offers Kobe Beef.


If what you want is to try authentic Mexican food, there is no better place in Cancun than this restaurant. The atmosphere and menu are designed to highlight some of the most traditional dishes from each region of Mexico. It is known for its variety of meat cuts, as well as for its seafood options. Among the most outstanding dishes are the giant prawns and molecular ice cream.


Cancun has something for everyone. Just as it offers the best of traditional Mexican food, it also has the best of Japanese food. This restaurant, which for five years has been managed by the legendary Japanese chef Mitsunori Ichikawa, has sake and traditional whiskey imported from Japan, as well as a menu that mixes the most traditional Japanese food with the most contemporary techniques of oriental food preparation. It is best known for dishes such as Takikomi Gohan and the Ora King Salmon Tartare Duo. If you decide to visit them, you should definitely book in advance, and make sure you eat on the wooden terrace. You can not miss it!

Harry’s Cancun Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar

This is one of the oldest restaurants on our list. It has been offering the best international food in Cancun since 2007. It is known for its variety of meat dishes and its selection of seafood. Some of their most famous dishes include Black Onyx from Australia and Kobe beef from Japan, as well as Alaskan King Crab, Black Cod, and Chilean Sea Bass. An authentic culinary journey around the world in a single restaurant!


If what you want is to eat like the Greek gods, then you must come to this restaurant, which offers you the best selection of Greek food, with a traditional Mexican touch, which forms the best combination in the entire Caribbean Sea. Ilios was honored by the DNA Paris Design Awards and by the Restaurant And Bar Design Awards in 2021.


If what you want is to try the best Mediterranean food in Mexico, then you cannot miss this true gem. As its name implies, the restaurant offers an electrifying atmosphere and is set every night by the best DJs in Mexico.


This restaurant, led by award-winning Mexican chef Santiago Hernández, focuses on offering its guests the best seafood dishes in Mexico, and it has the best lobster dishes in Cancun. The most sought-after dish is the Thermidor Supreme, prepared with bechamel sauce and brandy, which is brought to your table and served in a chest. A real treasure!

Restaurante Lorenzillo’s

This restaurant, led by the outstanding chef Raymundo Huesca, opened its doors in Cancun in 1985. Since then, it has been in charge of presenting its guests with the best meat and the best seafood dishes, as well as a combination of both. Here you can find the best lobsters and prawns in Cancun. 

Puerto Madero

This restaurant is a tribute to Argentine food, and therefore, it offers some of the best cuts of meat that you can find in Cancun, and of course, you can accompany it with the best wines imported from Argentina. It is known for its pork tenderloin or rack of lamb. The atmosphere is traditional and very elegant.


Another of the best options for Japanese food in Cancun is Chambao, one of the most modern restaurants in the town that is characterized by its jovial and bohemian atmosphere. It is led by chef Jorge Orozco and stands out for its Omi, Kobe, and Takamori cuts.

Bonus track: Funky Geisha

We could not have finished our list without including this exquisite restaurant led by Japanese chef Osumu Deai, which offers the best options of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes. It is best known for its Mongolian beef, truffle rice, New Zealand king salmon, and Japanese hamachi. In addition, here you can also get several vegan options.

Regardless of what your culinary tastes are, you can be sure that everything you need and want, you can get in Cancun.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now, and book your dream vacation.

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