Travel: The 4 Best Romantic Spots in Acapulco

Best Romantic Spots in Acapulco When you think of the romantic places in Acapulco, what comes to mind?.

Surely the first thing is its beaches, because well, Acapulco is synonymous with sun, sand and water. However, for some idyllic days with your partner, Mexico’s favorite port has much more to offer.

Pamper the palate, please the eye, create moments that will bring smiles to the lips, a new way of living the sea… You would be surprised what you can experience from the romantic places in Acapulco.

It is believed that these plans are only for newlyweds, but… Come on! If love is in the air, you have to make the most of it.

You know what they say: if a plant is not watered, it will end up dying. And well, the port has a lot to shower a love with, you just have to open your eyes to the best romantic places in Acapulco.

What are the best romantic places in Acapulco?

From cliffs that serve you unforgettable sunsets, to jumps that make your heart go fast; going through walks full of magic through impressive underground caves.

The romantic places in Acapulco give you a whole sensory and spiritual experience that is difficult to beat.

The days you decide to spend here with your partner will be one of the best investments you make in your relationship. Of that have no doubts.

1. Explore the caves

There’s nothing like an adventure with your love, right?
Well, one of those peculiar romantic places in Acapulco, where you can live magical and daring experiences, you can find it exploring Cacahuamilpa.

Here you will have the opportunity to explore tunnels, caves and unexpected underground caves that will make you believe in a greater power capable of modeling such beautiful natural constructions.
With the help of a guide and strategically arranged lamps, you and your partner will navigate the dark waters of the Chontalcoatlán River.

And if you want to go a little further, then you can sleep under the shelter of one of the many chambers on the underground route.

grutas lugares románticos en acapulco

2. Release of turtles

It is important to give back a little of the love that the world gives us just by allowing us to breathe its air.

So, one of the romantic places in Acapulco that you have to know and enjoy as a couple is the Coyuca lagoon, where the organization in charge of protecting the life of sea turtles is located.

It is one of those sensitive experiences that reach the heart and remain stored like a treasure in the minds of those involved.

Also, as mentioned before: you have to give love back to the world to keep receiving love.

3. Water sports

Romantic places in Acapulco for sports lovers, to live life to the limit; for those who get their energy when they compete with each other and discover their own strength.

You can explore all this in the waters of Acapulco.

On the one hand, you have the island of La Roqueta, to practice snorkeling near the reefs of Piedra de Elefante, also the Piedra de Hierbabuena.

While in Barra de Coyuca, Las Brisas and Condesa, you can experience kayaking, diving or sailing.
And all before the unforgettable views of Acapulco; can you think of a better romantic place in Acapulco? I think not.

deportes acuáticos lugares románticos en acapulco

4. History and culture

One of the romantic places in Acapulco that you should visit as a couple is the Fort of San Diego, one of the most emblematic places in the port.

It was built in the 17th century, with the purpose of protecting the city from the attack of pirates or any other group that wanted the riches of the place. After a strong earthquake it became a museum.

In its halls you will be able to learn about the history and culture of Acapulco, its people; and you can even experience the evolution of its art.

Nor can you miss visiting the Acapulco Botanical Garden, an important portion of fauna and flora in the region.

The Mexican Caribbean is full of surprises, you just have to be willing to discover and recognize them.

What are you waiting for to build new memories as a couple in the best romantic places in Acapulco? They are there for you and your love!

Lugares románticos en Acapulco, fuerte de san diego
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