How to get to Acapulco: Complete guide with the 3 best transportation options

How to get to Acapulco is not so complicated if you know that you have three very well-defined options: two by land and one by air.

However, there is a fourth: the maritime one. Because we cannot forget that Acapulco has one of the most praised ports in the Pacific.

So, how to get to Acapulco shouldn’t be a major problem, you just have to decide the date and… Leaving for Acapulco immediately!

como llegar a acapulco de diferentes formas

How to get to Acapulco by air

The Juan N. Álvarez airport is the international airport of Acapulco; It is located just 20 minutes from the city center.

You can get to Acapulco from anywhere you are, because the airport accepts national and international flights alike.

In fact, it currently has nine national airlines and seven international airlines that call at Acapulco. So, the dilemma of ‹‹how to get to Acapulco›› should no longer be a dilemma at all.

From Mexico City to Acapulco, by plane, it is approximately 40 mere minutes. 40 minutes! It is the only thing that separates you from the beauties that the city of Guerrero has to offer.

Once at the airport, on the outskirts of it, the taxi and bus service will be waiting for you to take you to the hotel zone or wherever you have decided to stay during your vacations.

How to get to Acapulco by car

If you are in Mexico City and want to take a walk on the beach, but you don’t know how to get to Acapulco; no problem. It’s not a big complication.

You must take the route of highway 95, and in about four hours you are enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Acapulco.

Without neglecting the beauty of the landscape while on the road. You will have the opportunity to go through the suspension bridge of the Rio Balsas, considered the largest of all in the country.

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How to get to Acapulco by bus

How to get to Acapulco by this means is the same route that is done in a private car. Because many of the bus companies follow the same route.

If you leave Mexico City, you must take the Cuernavaca road, follow the Polvorín bypass and return to the Autopista del Sol. In this way you will reach Chilpancingo, ending at Tierra Colorada and La Venta.

From the latter, there would only be ten minutes left to finally reach the expected destination.

The important thing is to know that the buses work all day; They leave from the Central de Autobuses del Sur (in Mexico City) and go to the central station in Acapulco.

The company Estrella de Oro, which works in one of the main terminals there, has a quality service called ‹‹Diamond››, which has made it a favorite among travelers.

Tickets that will take you to the sunny city of Acapulco can be reserved online.

And as mentioned before: Acapulco can also be reached by sea.

The city has the José Azueta port, an incredible transatlantic port that connects Acapulco with the world.

Here you can find a luxurious yacht club, as well as the organized marina of the city.

Being a tourist area, the greatest use of the port is to receive tourist cruises. However, boats also arrive with new merchandise for local trade.

The next time you’re wondering how to get to Acapulco without losing patience in the process, you know what your options are. There is no more to plan according to the budget and the vacations in Acapulco will be a reality.

Dare and travel with the best company to Acapulco!

como llegar a acapulco en autobus
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