Vacations in Cancun: everything you need to know

Vacations in Cancun: everything you need to know

Cancun is a magical city full of surprises and has something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting with your family and friends, or you’re on a quest for love on your own, Cancun is for you.

Cancún is located 1,700 kilometers from Mexico City and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Aztec country, precisely because it has something for everyone.

Cancun is characterized by its crystal clear turquoise beaches and the fine white sand of the Caribbean coast. Cancun also has jungles, nightlife, restaurants, Mayan and Aztec ruins, and lots of sun, 365 days a year. In fact, the average temperature is 77 °F all year round.

And although it is not the typical historical city that mixes pre-Columbian characteristics with modernity, since it was founded just 50 years ago, its infrastructure maintains the typical characteristics of a Mexican tourist city.

Cancun is equipped with a beautiful marina, where you can practice surfing and other water sports. You can take a boat ride, taste traditional and international food, visit luxurious shopping malls, and much more. Here´s everything you need to know about Cancun:

The best beaches in the world

It is impossible to talk about Cancun without mentioning its beautiful beaches. What sets Cancun apart from all tourist destinations in the world is that it has a wide range of beaches to select from, according to your taste. Do you like to surf? No problem! Come to Cancun. Would you like to lay and relax under the sun? We got you covered. 

Cancun is the perfect place to travel with family, especially if you go with small children or elderly people who would like to enjoy the beach but aren’t as capable of swimming as some others may be. One of the best options for you and your family would be the beaches on Boulevard Kukulcán.

There you will find calm beaches full of gentle sea waves that gently caress the shores. What makes these beaches a perfect tropical paradise for relaxation is that just to the north, a few kilometers from the coast, is a bay better known as Isla Mujeres, which protects the beaches from the powerful waves.

But if what you want is adventure and enjoy the sun and strong sea waves, you could visit Puerto Cancun and Playa Langosta.

Aquatic activities

If you love the beach but your thing is not to stay on the sand soaking up the sun from dusk till dawn, Cancun offers you other aquatic options that you will not be able to forget.

For example, you can practice diving, snorkeling, and kayaking, as well as speedboat rides or trips on a catamaran (a traditional boat). Now, if you enjoy extreme sports, Cancun has several more exciting activities, such as flyboard, windsurfing, and paddle boarding, among others.

You can practice these and other extreme water sports in the Nichupté Lagoon, or you could even visit several of the surf schools that are located in Punta Nizuc.

Enjoy the taste of Cancun

As one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world – more than 2.5 million tourists visit Cancun each year – the Mexican city has some of the best chefs on the planet.

Cancun offers you diverse culinary options. You could enjoy a unique mix of international and Mexican flavors. Some of the best-known restaurants in the city are the following: Fred’s, Porfirio’s Cancun, and Señor Frogs, among others. Several restaurants in Cancun are listed in the American Automobile Association and others are recognized by the Michelin Guide.


You cannot come to Cancun without letting yourself be captivated by the nightlife. Night clubs, live music, karaoke, whatever you’re looking for, Cancun has it for you. 

The city is full of clubs with international DJs and is famous for having live acrobatic shows. Some of the most famous nightclubs in Cancun are Coco Bongo, Mandala, The City, Dady’O, Señor Frog’s, La Vaquita, Congo Bar Cancun, and Antique, among others.

However, if you go with your family and want to take a family night out, you can even board a pirate-themed ship and enjoy a show for children and parents.

Archeology and history

Although we have already mentioned that Cancun was founded approximately 50 years ago, we must not forget that it also has many prehistoric ruins and archaeological finds.

You can visit ancient Mayan cities such as Chichen Itza, the Archaeological Zone of Tulum, Cobá, Xaman-Há Ruins, Xcaret, Uxmal, Palenque, and Kohunlich, among others.


Cancun is divided into two areas. The southern area, which is the most traditional part of the city, and the northern area, which is full of hotels, and nightclubs, and is considered by locals as the most touristic area. Cancun is full of luxurious shopping centers that you can visit whenever you want.

Some of the most popular shopping centers in Cancun are the following: Marina Puerto Cancun, Kukulcan Plaza, Isla Cancun Paradise, Plaza Las Americas, Forum By The Sea, Las Plazas Outlet Cancun, Plaza Caracol, Luxury Avenue Cancun, among others.

Visit Cancun

No matter what you want to get out of your vacation, Cancun has it all for you. Come and visit us, and live experiences that you will never forget.

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