A paradise in Cancun, Playa Marlin

Playa Marlin is undoubtedly the paradise, a place where earthly problems no longer exist; imagine every moment there becomes something surreal, the sea view to the Caribbean becomes indescribable and natural beauty wraps you up.

Located in the coastal area of Cancun, the same one that runs approximately 30 km of sand and sea, Playa Marlin, is one of the main vacation options that you must include in your list of places to visit.

Its waves are usually moderate to strong and its air currents are conducive to the more adventurous, perfect for surfing. You can also take advantage and spend a sunny day with your family in the surroundings of the beach or delight in a delicious Mexican dish.

Playa Marlin, becomes even more attractive with the arrival of hundreds and perhaps thousands of turtles between the season from May to September, a natural spectacle worthy of Mother Nature and impossible not to appreciate.

To enjoy your holidays in Playa Marlin, a perfect place to stay is the Grand Park Royal Cancun, its comfort and exclusivity will make you feel at home, located in the hotel area with the best sea view.

Enjoy Playa Marlin to the fullest and remember to take care of it to continue enjoying paradise.

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