These are the 4 Islands to visit in Cancun

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Cancun is one of the most touristic cities in all of Mexico, with more than 20 kilometers of turquoise blue beaches and an inexhaustible natural beauty, which makes it one of the main vacation options.

When we think of Vacation, our mind opens to the most beautiful thing about Cancun, its beaches, white sand, Mayan ruins, jungle, food, nightclubs, all in one place, perfect for that family plan.

For lovers of the sea, water activities cannot go unnoticed and in Cancun thanks to its diversity of beaches you can practice any activity from diving to excursions in underground caves.

Without a doubt, Cancun has the best places to visit and enjoy that unforgettable trip but it also has four beautiful islands that will leave you speechless and here we show them:

Playa Roca
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Islands in Cancun


Isla Mujeres

Just take a ferry from Playa Caracol or Playa Tortugas and in just minutes you will be enjoying the wonder of the Caribbean Sea, it is very close to the Cancun hotel area perfect to stay in Grand Park Royal.

Isla Mujeres, in addition to being one of the most attractive islands also has one of the best water parks such as Garrafón Park, here you can swim with dolphins, snorkel, and even zip-line.

You can also visit the statue of the Goddess Ixchel, an icon of Isla Mujeres and a transcendental cultural history.

Isla Mujeres


It is one of the largest islands in the Mexican Caribbean with the best coral reefs and the warmest and most colorful beaches, perfect for water activities.

Cozumel is considered one of the richest islands in vegetation, fauna, and landscapes. Thanks to its coral reefs it is listed as one of the five best places to dive internationally.

A small fishing village that today has become one of the most visited tourist spots, has its own airport and is one of the stops of many cruise routes in the Caribbean. 

Contoy Island

It is one of the smallest islands, however along its route you can appreciate an immense natural beauty that appropriates its crystal clear waters.

Contoy Island is the favorite place of various species of birds that take refuge in its mangroves creating splendid landscapes. In addition, it is home to three species of sea turtles.

On Isla Contoy you can appreciate one of the longest reefs in the world, the perfect place to dive and explore a marine world accompanied by starfish, fish of different colors and even dolphins. Ho

Isla Contoy
Isla Holbox

Holbox Island

Holbox is another of the largest Islands in the Caribbean, a little further away from Cancun’s hotel zone, making it the ideal place for those looking for peace and quiet on their holidays.

To tour the island you can do it by walking, cycling, or in a golf cart, you can also delight with lobster pizza, a delight to the palate.

In Holbox, in addition to enjoying beautiful landscapes, you can also appreciate a natural spectacle that takes place in the season from April to October with the arrival of hundreds of red flamingos. 

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