The Corchal: A hidden treasure in Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo is much more than Mayan ruins, beaches and cenotes, a secret place in the middle of the jungle waiting to be explored with a floating garden of exotic plants and protected by lush wildlife.

The Corchal is a lagoon in the middle of the jungle, located a few kilometers from Cancun and is named after the exotic cork trees that surround it. Its roots intertwine forming a floating jungle in the middle of the lagoon.

It is a small place due to its immense nature, which also houses a splendid flora an important fauna such as reptiles, birds, deer and even jaguars.

An ideal place to venture and delve into the nature offered by The Corchal, opening the way to an invaluable ecosystem that inhabits thousands of species. You can also find a water lily garden, just a paradise for lovers of adventure and photography

Here you can take a kayak ride or cycle around the jungle accompanied by the birdsong and admiring dignified nature. This is one of Quintana Roo’s most hidden secrets, a place where swimming in a floating garden becomes magical.

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